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Hi there

Welcome to d-Pixie’s portfolio page. Here you will find links and summaries on Jonas Schubert Erlandsson’s professional life, and some personal information.


In this day and age on the internet it’s easy to collect any number of personal and professional profiles, you can find links to the most relevant of them in the sidebar. There is also a collection of some, not too many but just enough, samples of previous works for your perusing, enjoy!

And even when you do your best to keep all the profiles updated and synchronized it’s easy to miss something somewhere. And that’s why all the fact checked, verified and polished details of the professional life of Jonas up till now has been collected in what the hipster whizz-kidz today call a “CV”. One authoritative source for all the information you need available right here of course, also in the sidebar.


Outside of work stuff can also be of some interest, if nothing else you can use this section as a source when you update Jonas’s Wikipedia article or if you want some backstory for your d-Pixie fan fiction novel.

The solitary journey

Even outside of work development takes up a lot of time, both personal and professional. A constant drive to improve skills and techniques has led to extensive reading, listening and watching of books, podcasts, instructional videos, blogs, lectures and other sources.

The joining of the Ruby community in 2011 started a more focused journey into software design and testing. Over the years since a deep understanding of the factors that make software easily testable, composable and maintainable has developed and been tested in several projects. This is still a main focus of the journey since these principles are applicable to any language or framework, more universally than almost anything else.

Sharing life

When not engrossed in this journey of professional self improvement he enjoys time with his wife, Malin, their three kids (they decided to stop on a prime) and their animals (who’s number is not prime, need to get some more). Usually staying a ways away from the city life, preferring the rural setting, has lead to many years of remote work by now - long before Covid made it a things.

Technical nerdery

A large collection of vintage computers have recently accumulated on the premises. The venerable C64 together with some basic electronics tools, the standard array of Arduinos, Raspberries and other assorted gizmos is the jumping off point into some hardware explorations. Unfortunately the time for this hobby has been severely lacking, but it’s best to keep buying hardware, just in case …

Non technical nerdery

One can be a nerd of many things and another area that is growing to become something of an obsession is good coffee. They are already on the second, good quality coffee grinder - working through many kilos of interesting beans every month. Brewing is done in anything from french press, Chemex, AeroPress or, most often, V60. Jonas is probably what James Hoffman would describe as “a weird coffee person”, with pride.

Yes it’s all written in third person. No I’m not mad, at least that is what all the voices insist …