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about this page

Hi there

Welcome to d-Pixie’s portfolio page. Here you will find links and summaries on Jonas Schubert Erlandsson’s professional life, and some personal information.


In this day and age on the internet it’s easy to collect any number of personal and professional profiles, you can find links to the most relevant of them in the sidebar. There is also a collection of some, not too many but just enough, samples of previous works for your perusing, enjoy!

And even when you do your best to keep all the profiles updated and synchronized it’s easy to miss something somewhere. And that’s why all the fact checked, verified and polished details of the professional life of Jonas up till now has been collected in what the hipster whizz-kidz today call a “CV”. One authoritative source for all the information you need available right here of course, also in the sidebar.


Outside of work stuff can also be of some interest, if nothing else you can use this section as a source when you update Jonas’s Wikipedia article or if you want some backstory for your d-Pixie fan fiction novel.

The solitary journey

Even outside of work development takes up a lot of time. A constant drive to improve skills and techniques has led to extensive reading, listening and watching of books, podcasts, instructional videos, blogs, lectures and other sources.

Besides the normal consumption of conference talks, Railscasts and Ruby tapas Jonas has bought up all the “Destroy all software” screencasts as well as “Learn react” and “Watch me code”.

All these casts and lectures must have rubbed off since he is now starting a podcast, planning a screencasting series on refactoring to launch at Teachery and holding lectures left and right about clean code, SOLID, testing and I don’t know what else…

Sharing life

When not engrossed in this journey of professional self improvement he enjoys time with his wife, Malin, their three kids (they decided to stop on a prime) and their animals (who are not prime, need to get some more). Living as they do, in the countryside, they spend a lot of time in the garden trying to keep the weeds at bay while providing for themselves. Self sufficiency is a thought they both enjoy and while it might be pretty far off yet they have a bunch of seeds in pots and will start the proper vegetable patch soon, promise.

Non technical nerdery

One can be a nerd of many things and another area that is growing to become something of an obsession is good coffee. The coffee grinder has worked through many kilos of exotic beans and the household french press has seen a lot of varieties over the years in the hunt for a perfect cup.

But one cannot only drink coffee and tea is another beverage that Jonas consumes more than most. There are usually about 10 different loose leaf tea varieties in the cupboard, mostly Oolong with a sprinkling of white, green and malty blacks. Right now the purveyor of choice is a well stocked shop in Düsseldorf that has graciously agreed to export the Sweden after some light persuasion.

So feel free to stop by for some home reared and cured bacon and a cup of the house black of the moment. If in luck you might get there when a batch of sausages are fresh from the stuffer and the house ale is chilled and ready as well …

Yes it’s all written in third person. No I’m not mad, at least that is what all the voices insist …